About Us

InnoTix stands for Innovation, Technology, Individuality and Xperience.

We are an owner-run company built equally on academic and practical principles always focusing on an interdisciplinary approach.

Our client list runs the gamut from very small businesses to large corporations. Despite the varying requirements of this group in terms of project management and technical integration, we strive to make every client a priority and provide individualized service.

We want our clients to benefit from our years of experience and be consistently surprised by our result on their behalf in the areas of usability, the look and feel of the project or simple solutions for complex challenges.

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The InnoTix Story

InnoTix was founded in 2003 as a limited liability company by Lukas Haldemann. From the very beginning, his concentration on offering client-oriented services and concepts allowed him to gradually build a broad client base.

Initially, business activities consisted of smaller web projects as well as individual project management mandates. The business expanded in 2004 to include the area of Traffic Planning, primarily focusing on providing public transportation solutions.
The first large-scale project for Sunrise in 2006 helped InnoTix gain access to major clients, allowing the company to grow to ten employees.

In order to secure future growth of the company, capital stock was increased in 2008 and the number of employees grew to 12. In the same year, the Design department was opened and a partnership with Dynasite established in order to provide clients with a professional and very user-friendly CMS system. This system provides the basis for an internet start-up package tailored to meet the needs of small businesses. Over the years, InnoTix has continued to develop their products and services in order to meet new business challenges head on.

InnoTix was incorporated in 2009 and moved into their new headquarters at Eibenstrasse 11 in Zurich, Switzerland, and the company was reorganized into four teams in the areas of Web-Development, Design, Consulting and Traffic Planning. Also in that year, Andreas Walker and Rolf Lindenmann were invited as members of the Board of Directors.

This internal investment was supported by the establishment of an Advisory Board made up of experts from the IT sector. In late 2010, this body was replaced by the Board of Directors, which continues to encourage company management to remain focused on client needs as they develop innovative projects.

Since 2011, smart phones and tablets are all the rage. InnoTix recognized this trend early on and built up the necessary skills and experiences in order to offer clients competent and comprehensive consulting services in the area of iPhones, and iPads as well as Android systems. Existing ties between in-house designers and developers can now be used to the full advantage in smart phone and tablet projects, thus giving InnoTix a competitive edge over design firms or graphic design agencies.

In 2013 there was a handover in management from Christian Herter to Bill Staub. Christian Herter stays in the company as a member of the board. Martin Viselka and Lukas Haldemann complete the board. The company is growing to 16 employees.

InnoTix launched “PilotPad” in 2014 as a solution for tramway- and bus drivers. InnoTix was awarded the Mobile Business Best Practice Award of the University St. Gallen for this product.

In 2015 InnoTix opened a branch called Webpresso, conducted by Roland Liechti. Webpresso concentrats on Website- and Onlineshop-solutions for SMEs and NPOs. InnoTix was growing to 20 employees at both sites.

Our management was extended in 2016 with Stefan Amstutz as head of projects. Numbers of employees is still growing to 22.

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